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"I'm exhilarated to run this year's Jersusalem half marathon, particulary because it's for Team Crossroads.  Although I haven't enjoyed Crossroads first handedly, I have, as part of the Anglo community in Israel, benefited much indirectly. Crossroads for years has helped  many Anglos who needed some guidance, and for that I'd like to thank them.
 A good few months now I have been guarding Hebron streets, as part of the paratroopers brigade, and a good way to put a smile at the end of a tough day, was to the think about the Marathon-- and put my sneakers on.
I'm not asking you to put your sneakers on, but to show them your appreciation by donating to this important cause. "
The race is on!
I am hoping to raise $0 by March 17th, 2017 for Team Crossroads...so far I have raised $0 .
Help me support Crossroads and keep their crucial services RUNNING!!!
המירוץ התחיל!
מטרתי היא לגייס $0 עד 17 למרץ 2017 עבור קבוצת צומת במרתון ירושלים. עד כה הבטיחו לי $0
אנא עזרו לי לתמוך בעמותת צומת ולאפשר לשירותים החייוניים שלהם להמשיך לרוץ!!!
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