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  • Recommended minimum goal is $500
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  • I hereby declare that I am healthy and fit to participate in the race. That I have suitably trained, and my physical condition has been examined and confirmed by a certified physician.

    I hereby forgo any claims of responsibility towards Amutat Tzomet (Crossroads) regarding any injury I may incur, including physical injuries before, during, or after the race, and including any property damages, and/or loss of personal equipment I may incur. I, the undersigned, declare that I will not pursue any claim for compensatory damages against the above mentioned parties

    I hereby agree that the marathon headquarters, the sponsors of the Jerusalem marathon, and the municipality of Jerusalem, may use the pictures in which I appear during the marathon, before and after, for public relations purposes and they also may broadcast parts of the marathon and/or in whole on any existing broadcasting medium or that will exist in the future (television, internet, cellular and/or any other medium) without compensation.

  • Please fill out below if you are under 18

  • For runners under 18, send this signed form to fax number - Outside Israel: +972-2-624-6265/ In Israel: 02-624-6265

    The registration process will be completed when you call 02-624-6265 to verify that the form has been received.

  • Price: ₪ 100.00
  • The Registration fee for Team Crossroads is 100 NIS and will be your first donation and sponsorship to our team.
  • ₪ 0.00