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crossroads in the street2017  is Crossroads Jerusalem‘s fifth year running as Team Crossroads in the Jerusalem Marathon. Team Crossroads is the coming together of teens, staff, alumni, lay-leadership, and the community, to run in support of Crossroads’ vital services for at-risk Anglo teens in Israel.
Crossroads Jerusalem provides critically-needed programs and social services for at-risk, English-speaking youth in Israel, who are homeless, struggling with drug addiction and violence/domestic abuse, as well as social, emotional, and educational difficulties. Crossroads offers an alternative to the streets, with the aim of instilling in every at-risk teen hope, motivation, tools, and a direction for a better future.
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Being a part of Team Crossroad means:

-You register as a team member
-You work towards raising money for Crossroads
-You will receive Crossroads gear
-You are invited to our post-marathon celebration.
-You also have the option of training physically and mentally with the team in Jerusalem!
-You will be making a difference in lives of teens in Jerusalem

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